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  • Name: Sandra Jenzer URL: Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: blink 182 Favourite Movie: Hero or Idol:
    Interests / Hobbies: kollegen, ausgang, snowboarden

    hoi steff äs mega liebs grüessli us dr schwiz. vo dire sandkaschte fründin.

    Name: Robert Hart URL: www.projectsoftware.com.au Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Pullout Favourite Movie: The Dish Hero or Idol: Henry Rollins
    Interests / Hobbies: Computers/Cars/Technology

    Steff, still lookin smart haven't caught up 4 a while on a lunch break and just browsin thought i'd have a look around keep up the good work mate!!!

    Name: Kyle URL: Email:
    Favourite Music/Band: Ricky Martin Favourite Movie: Pokemon the movie 3 Hero or Idol:
    Interests / Hobbies:

    I like your page

    Name: Haeusler Silvia URL: Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: I like a lot of them Favourite Movie: Hero or Idol: Elvis Presley
    Interests / Hobbies: Aerobic Horseriding

    Hello Steffs could you remember about me? I have visited your family when I was studying English in Perth.I live in Switzerland in the near from your grandfather. How is the weather in Perth?It was a nice place to stay there. Please give the best wishes

    Name: Danielle Bushell URL: wtf? Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: well hmm... ramstein metallica korn now i like tool!! and many more.....as long as it isnt teeny bopper shite Favourite Movie: i love any movie that makes you think ! as long as there isnt a stupid person sitting next to you !! Hero or Idol: the person id most like to be would have to be gwen stefani (lead singer in no doubt)
    Interests / Hobbies: music movies partying hanging with good friends ... and having the time of my life

    heyya steff just thought id check out your site!! lol its great well cya soon danielle

    12/05/00 15:11:15
    Name: Dirk Diggler My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Corny Porn Music/The BeeGees Favourite Movie: Breasts of Briton Hero or Idol: Myself
    Interests/Hobbies: Spank'n the monkey

    Yo Yo, sexsilent page steff my RIGH-HAND man! was way dissappointed when i clicked on your link to the nude pictures dude!! i expect upfront porn!! Yes i know it was a nude photo of you but you can't see anything! unless THAT was all to be seen.. oh well, that's life! you have my sympathy... CIAO hugs and kisses!


    10/18/00 12:47:03
    Name: Tegan My URL: Visit Me
    Favourite Music/Band: in addition to before..... Millencolin, Deftones and Alex Lloyd Favourite Movie: Still Fight Club....maybe The Castle
    Hero or Idol: Definately still Elmo

    Hey Steff, I don't know if you'll see this in time, but i'm havin a party of Friday. You have to come! Someone will ring u anyway, probably Ronald. Hope to catcha there. PS. We don't want any repeats of Lauren's party :)

    09/15/00 03:36:44
    Name: polish mafia My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: the sound of something being blown up Favourite Movie: The Godfather Hero or Idol: 666
    Interests/Hobbies: Killing people

    No we know your address, so you can relax, while we sharpen our knifes and make our bombs. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!

    09/15/00 03:30:59
    Name: Jacek My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: any Techno Band Favourite Movie: The Matrix Hero or Idol: you're my hero (NOT)
    Interests/Hobbies: sports

    Hey Steff! Cool page, altough it's a bit dark. Love the pics and drawings. I don't really like your music, but it's better then Frank Sinatra, or any modern girl bands (except the ones with cool chicks). See ya round at Uni

    07/18/00 14:16:43
    Name: Howard My URL: Visit Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Prodigy Favourite Movie: Blade Runner
    Hero or Idol: Jackie Chan Interests/Hobbies: bit a dis, bit a dat

    Niiice page Steff, thanks for visiting my site. Really like your 3D work, wish I had time to do stuff in Max, your light rendering and texture maps are coooool. Take care and stay well...ciao.

    07/18/00 08:12:31
    Name: Melissa My URL: Visit Me
    My Email: Email Me Favourite Music/Band: beakun and days of the new
    Hero or Idol: travis meeks (dotn) Interests/Hobbies: gigs music etc etc

    hey. sweet little page you got going, I thought I'd return the favour since you signed both my msg board and my guestbook - thanks.

    07/13/00 02:52:46
    Name: christine Favourite Music/Band: chili peppers
    Favourite Movie: bambi Hero or Idol: bob downe
    Interests/Hobbies: washing, ironing, dishes, cleaning up after my little ones

    very very enlightening... and surprising too!

    07/03/00 12:36:47
    Name: Phil My URL: Visit Me
    Favourite Music/Band: the voice (the guitarist is such a legend) Favourite Movie: The erotic adventures of tubbs farkwell
    Hero or Idol: Tegan Dixon Interests/Hobbies: your mum

    Well i would just like to say again how fantastic your site is Steff, and how much I enjoy pretending to be strawberry blonde girls. Bless you all.

    07/03/00 04:10:39
    Name: Miriam My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: every thing!!! depends on my mood!! Favourite Movie: The Rock
    Hero or Idol: James Morrison Interests/Hobbies: sport and sport and guess what sport!!! oh and music!!

    well hiya!!

       ya have an interesting sight going down here and i am glad i have finally got round to checking it out!!

       well ill be seeing ya round!!


    06/29/00 04:55:05
    Name: Tegan My URL:Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Jebediah, Grinspoon, Blink 182, Tool, Limp Bizkit, KoRn...you know that kinda stuff Favourite Movie: Fight Club Hero or Idol: Elmo
    Interests/Hobbies: uhh....yeah....;)

    Hey Steff,
    Howz it goin? Haven't seen ya since Lauren's party! (HE HE sorry I couldn't help it) Anyway just to let you know I didn't write that other message, Phil did so yeah... Wow Sarah Mann was on here, I haven't seen her for ages! Well I gotta go, so say hi to everyone for me... I might see you at a party sometime (or u could have a party!):)
    Anyway Catcha

    Lauren's Party, I remember no party..... ahhhh, I see your point. :)

    05/03/00 14:13:55
    Name: Not Important My URL: Visit Me
    My Email: Email Me Hero or Idol: Steff for sure...

    I found the comment regarding Patto's alcohol consumption to be somewhat inaccurate. How can one be sure that the bottle of Beam he is seen with, is not in fact his second or third bottle. Also, his behavior could have been caused by another entoxicating substance.

    Hehe... Then he broke all laws of conduct... one must always share with the host.

    03/22/00 02:47:51
    Name: Marcin My URL:Visit Me
    My Email: Email Me Favourite Music/Band: Nirvana,Korn e.t.c
    Favourite Movie: SixthSense Interests/Hobbies: Cars,Girlfriend,Music

    How the hell can someone make a website that works so well and looks so cool.

    02/05/00 09:57:11
    Name: Amie
    My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Blink 182, silverchair

    This is a great site Steff. You have some good photos and great graphics. By the way, my name is spelt Amie, just for future reference.

    Righto... Amy to Amie ... fixed.

    01/02/00 05:45:46
    Name: Patto My URL: Visit Me
    My Email: Email Me Favourite Music/Band: Blink!!!!
    Favourite Movie: Lightning Jack (although I have never seen it!) Hero or Idol: Philip Cox

    Well this site was pretty impressive, however I noticed that there were no pics of me here!!!!

    Yes there is... check the photos section.

    12/19/99 12:47:36
    Name: Tegan My URL: Visit Me
    My Email: Email Me Favourite Music/Band: Silverchair
    Hero or Idol: Daniel Johns

    Hey man, you've got a cool site!
    PS. Sorry I gave you the cold shoulder!!

    10/26/99 14:07:24
    Name: Gillies My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Aussie Alternative Favourite Movie: Wayne's World Hero or Idol: Homer Simpson
    Interests/Hobbies: Anything that dosent require a lot of effort by me

    Steff ya crab! would you believe I got so bored on the net I looked up your site!! I know, it's sad isnt it?? :) Catch you later...


    10/04/99 12:56:49
    Name: Quinton Soe-Win My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: live, moby, Favourite Movie: the matrix Hero or Idol: hhhmmmm..dunno
    Interests/Hobbies: wondering about hobbies

    Hey Man...

    It's Rony's brother. That's what i'm usually recognised as around the school by yr 12's. Well, i was just flicking through the bookmarks on my quest for boredem relief and found yours. So far, having just read read the "about you" section, i reckon you site is pretty cool. well, i'm gonna look around further now. Thanks for providing effective boredem relief man!

    cya, from Quinton (Rony's bro or Little Rony)

    10/03/99 18:31:25
    Name: Roman Balsiger My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: sensunik Favourite Movie: the martix / episode 1
    Hero or Idol: myself Interests/Hobbies: snowboard, saxophone

    hey, kannst du dich noch an mich erinnern? ich glaube wir waren zusammen im kindergarten in wattenwil
    anyway see ya

    10/01/99 10:15:25
    Name: International Stone Co. My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Solid Rock Favourite Movie: The Rock Hero or Idol: The Rollingstones
    Interests/Hobbies: Selling and collecting rocks

    Hi Stef, Your mum and dad are here and have led us to your site. We are all enjoying it and Cynlia will be going back to the cocktail pages. By the way we expect copyright royalties for use of the granite scan in one of your gallery pictures!!!!

    08/16/99 05:07:06
    Name: Sarah My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Non of your business Favourite Movie: Get Stuffed Hero or Idol: Piss off
    Interests/Hobbies: Ram it

    Hi Steff!!!!

    You probarly dont remember me Sarah Mann???, I was in year 10 with you then I left. I was cleaning out one of my draws and found this piece of paper with your address on thought I'd have a look..... Not bad!! Im quite impressed!!

    Anyway I better dash if your still at school say hey to everyone for me and I'll catcha round!!


    07/13/99 15:45:47
    Name: Crimson My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Pennywise, Blink182, Rancid, Semisonic, Offspring, Wyclef, Sarah McClahclan Favourite Movie: Ask me.
    Hero or Idol: Yet to find one so perfect. Interests/Hobbies: Asking isn't really too hard to do.

    Just to drop a quick comment that you have got some pretty good graphics on here-good ideas and designs.

    07/05/99 08:49:05
    Name: the TOADMAN My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Metallica, Pink Floyd & Led Zep.... ....oh & i'd have to say Tool is growing on me!! Favourite Movie: Meteor Man!!
    Hero or Idol: myself (of coarse!!) Interests/Hobbies: warhammer 40k, RPG's, women & driving my lushes V8 Fairlane 500!!

    WOW, aws page man, hey why can't I find you on ICQ??

    07/04/99 14:57:56
    Name: Phil My URL: Visit Me
    My Email: Email Me Favourite Music/Band: Korn, Silverchair, orgy
    Hero or Idol: Me

    I can't believe Rony said his fav movie was Titanic, you weedy peasant. Great site Steff, must have taken ages!

    03/11/99 08:45:42
    Name: Shaune My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: PUNK - Pennywise Favourite Movie: Ahh, probably StarWars Hero or Idol: No one, Everyone SUCKS
    Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, Icehockey, Nintendo

    Phil Cox gave me your link so i just thought i'd check it out. Its a pretty good site. Oh yeh, LOBSTER DEMONS ROCK!!

    02/23/99 12:43:10
    Name: Kok Heng "Kase" Cheah My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
    Favourite Music/Band: r&B, house, some techno Favourite Movie: Rush Hour & Bad Boyz Hero or Idol: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li
    Interests/Hobbies: Sexy Ladies and Fun!

    Yo Steffo,
        Kick Ass homepage. Graphics are totally awesome. Yeah you're right, no one eva calls you stefan anymore. I wonder why? Any way your homepage totally rocks. Its da bomb, hehe. Horny page 23 times!!! You're kidding me right??? Wow, y u signed your own guestbook...that's original. Haha, so thanx for signing my hp. Well its been fun...was it. Gotta go man, keep up da' good work. your buddy kok heng

    02/13/99 08:12:36
    Name: Dick! My URL:Visit Me
    Favourite Music/Band: Metallica, Offspring, The Whitlams, and of course RAMMSTEIN!! Favourite Movie: Starwars...all 3
    Hero or Idol: dunno Interests/Hobbies: Music, TV

    Hi Steff!! I finally found it and it's pretty snazzy! bye for now

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